The Next Evolution in Content

Corsair’s Publishing creates, develops, and distributes immersive content and material in analytics and professional development. We are a data-driven, deep learning organization. We engage our audience through innovative multimedia. Our goal is to deliver thought provoking and educational content in the most approachable and entertaining ways. We maintain numerous online magazines many of which are listed below.

Charting Ahead focuses on the visual elements of analytics. Infographics, charts, and interpretation are all featured in its various articles.

Comprehension 360 is an evolution in learning. This publication specializes in articles designed to teach the reader new subjects in a unique and engaging fashion.

Creative Analytics is a publication available through the platform that provides articles focused on the subject of analytics and data science.

The real world offers plenty of opportunities to learn as well. Course Studies provides a path to create knowledge. It is a collection of case studies collected from all areas of life.

This publication chronicles lessons learned in the development of businesses both large and small. Corsairs Business articles range broadly in topic and style, but each strives to be educational and entertaining.

Career Accelerator is dedicated to content focused on helping you achieve a higher level of professional excellence.

Superhero Lessons In Analytics is one of several themed magazines that cater to the imagination and interest of one of our many reader demographics.

The Captain’s List provides lessons in leadership through the stories of some of history’s and fiction’s most memorable Captain’s. It is a fan favorite.

Career In Analytics features interviews with real world, real life, analytic professionals. They provide career advise and allow our viewers to ask questions and find great mentorship opportunities.

History is a great teacher and a journey through the evolution of key concepts can be exceptionally enlightening. Circa Navigate features articles that help you understand how things have developed over time.

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